Soldier String Quartet

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Soldier String Quartet
Inspect for Damaged Gods

Robert Dick and Soldier String Quartet
Jazz Standards on Mars

Soldier String Quartet
She's Lightning When She Smiles

A group that altered concert music by confusing it with other things, the Soldier String Quartet, formed in 1985, performed punk rock and blues along with a wide variety of contemporary classical compositions. They introduced many concepts now incorporated into so-called chamber or concert music, including a body of work written for the amplified ensemble, the trap set, playing standing and without stands, and most importantly, absorbing the R&B and punk traditions. Beyond their own music, they were John Cale's back up group from 1992-1998, recorded CDs of music with Elliott Sharp, Leroy Jenkins, and premiered works by an enormously broad range of avant-garde classical, jazz, and rock composers. While relatively inactive at present (Dave Soldier co-runs Mulatta and works on many of the projects released here), the group continues to work in the rock/pop/weirdo field, including recent collaborations with Jessie Harris, Van Dyke Parks, Lambchop, and Guided by Voices.

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